December 17th, 2019 by

The Buick Cascada is one of the most popular luxury convertibles currently available at Bush Auto Place. The vehicle’s high level of comfort while having the top down contributes greatly to this popularity. The Cascada is equipped with dual air deflectors to control the airflow dependent on how many passengers are presently in the car. One deflector constrains all airflow to the back seat, ensuring that none ever reaches the front. The other one simply moves the air continuously to make sure that no seat is adversely affected by the flow of the open air when the back seat is occupied. The top is easily accessible while driving, so you can transition from top-up to top-down or vise versa at any time. The top opens in approximately 17 minutes when driving 31 mph or less. Likewise, it takes about 19 seconds to reapply the top.

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